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Top 5 weirdest driving offences

When you think about it, driving is one of the easiest ways to break the law. After all, you’re much more likely to be doing 35mph in a 30mph zone, than you are to steal something from a shop, even at a self-checkout machine!

While you might expect to get a telling off from the police if you were caught speeding, or shriek in frustration at being issued with a parking ticket, there are some driving offences around the world that would leave you well and truly baffled.

Here is our pick for the top 5 weirdest driving offences from around the world. Starting in the UK …

1. Splashing a pedestrian on the side of the road

We’ve all been there on a wet and soggy day. Driving along and seeing the huge puddles that build up at the edge of the road. And then you spot some poor hapless soul walking alongside. Close to the puddles. Too close. Most of you would probably resist. But some would drive straight through the puddle and splash the poor unsuspecting pedestrian.

It may seem like harmless fun to you (probably not to the soaking wet victim), but this is actually an offence in the UK. In fact, you could be hit with a fine up to £5,000! It’s classified as driving without being considerate of other people. Expect at least a fine of £100 and 3 penalty points on your licence!

2. Driving with a blindfold – banned!

This probably seems like common sense. Driving with a blindfold is a bad idea, no matter where in the world you do it. But authorities in Alabama have seen fit to make it an actual offence. Many of these laws come as a response to offenders finding a sneaky legal loophole to escape from prosecution. Makes you wonder who was first to drive blindfolded and spark the change in law?

3. Have you brushed your teeth today?

In Ontario, Canada, a rather peculiar rule is in effect, perhaps instigated by sensitive cab drivers or opportunist dentists. It’s illegal to get in a taxi with bad breath. You can see some logic as taxi drivers must encounter all sorts of customers with various attitudes to hygiene. But to make it a legal requirement? It must have been some severe onion breath to cause that!

4. Drink a little, not a lot

Costa Rica is an idyllic tropical paradise in the Caribbean. Its often stereotyped as being more laid-back, relaxed because of its climate. And perhaps there is some truth to this, as you are allowed to have a few drinks behind the wheel. Just as long as you stop before you get drunk. So if you don’t have time for one more for the road, you can instead have one more on the road – provided it doesn’t leave you too sozzled!

5. Rear wheel relief

Back to the UK for our finest bizarre driving offence. We’ve all been in a tough situation where we need the bathroom desperately and can’t find a toilet nearby. And we’ve all resorted to a bush at a push, especially men. But you needn’t go too far from your car, because a strange law means that its legal to urinate in public as long as you are touching the rear wheel of your car.

Why? It’s not entirely clear. Nor why it has to be the rear wheel. But next time you feel the urge to go in public, just find a nearby car and you can relieve yourself without anyone saying otherwise!

Offbeat  05/11/2019 12:19:28

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