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Top 6 car cleaning hacks

If your car is looking a bit unloved try out these quirky tips. Our top 6 cleaning hacks will have your car looking spic and span in no time.  The best bit? You probably have these items lying around your house already!

1. Clean your headlights with toothpaste

Thought your toothpaste was just for your pearly whites? Think again! Whitening toothpaste is great for cleaning up foggy headlights. Simply apply the toothpaste over the plastic lens cover and rub it in with a cloth. Give it a good old go before rinsing off and cleaning with water. Shine on, headlights!

2. Touch up scratches with nail polish

If your car has got a few battle wounds (we’re talking fine scratches) you might want to have a root around your better half’s bathroom cabinet: you’re looking for nail polish. The key to getting as flawless a look as possible is selecting the right shade - it should be as close as possible to your cars actual colour.

3. Build a car bin

Stop mess at the source by building yourself a built-in car bin! Many cars end up becoming a giant bin; takeaway wrappers, empty drink cartons and receipts are just a few of the usual culprits. Instead, have one designated area for this rubbish and it won’t get out of hand. The size and shape of your car will dictate what sort of bin you go for, but a plastic cereal container is a pretty good shout. Its slim design mean it should fit somewhere in your car, plus it comes with a lid with an opening for easy use. Use a plastic bin liner to make life even easier.

4. Get rid of smells with bi-carbonate of soda

Messy kids, muddy dogs and general daily use can all leave your car smelling less than fresh. Whilst there are an array of commercial products you can use, they often replacing bad odours with an equally unappealing chemical smell.

Head to your baking cupboard and select the bicarbonate of soda. This clever powder has odour neutralising powers and has been used by clever cleaners for years whether freshening up carpets and stopping smelly trainers smelling! Simply sprinkle the powder over the floor and mats and leave for at least an hour. Vacuum up and breathe in glorious odour-free air.

5. Use vodka to freshen up upholstery

Bicarbonate of soda is great for flat surfaces like the floor, but getting it to stick to upholstery is not going to work. For this one you’ll need to crack out your cheapest vodka! This is an old theatre trick; they used to use vodka in spray bottles to quickly freshen up the costumes. Which, as you can imagine, were decidedly grim after a play had been running for several months! 

To use in your car, simply add the vodka to a spray bottle and mist your upholstery. You don’t want to soak the fabric, just aim for a light misting. As the alcohol evaporates into the air the smell will be removed.

6. Get shiny windscreens with vinegar

For super clear windscreens it’s time to crack out the vinegar. Spray some white vinegar directly onto your windscreen glass and then buff to a perfected shine with a microfiber cloth. You can do this on the inside of your windows too; it’s great at removing any unwanted stickers. And don’t worry, your car won’t smell like your chippy for too long! 

Car Care Tips  22/01/2016 10:49:13

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