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Top 7 car accessories people buy for safety and tidiness

Top 7 car accessories

The market for accessories to go with your four wheels is almost as big – if not bigger – than the market for cars themselves. From the pointless (dangling tree air fresheners) to the almost essential (sat nav system) and everything in between, motorists are inundated with opportunities to splash their cash. We’ve come up with the top seven accessories that will help keep your vehicle clean and tidy, while keeping you, your family and even your shopping, safe.

Dog barriers

If you’ve got a dog, you need a dog fence. Often dogs struggle to keep still on the road – there’ so much going on around them they’re wanting to leap up and look out the window – on both sides. When you’re driving you can’t afford to be dog-sitting too, so a dog barrier which goes along the top of the rear seats and keeps your pet securely in the boot, is essential.

Boot liners

Again these are great for pets. While they are in the boot, you can’t have them making a mess, can you? If you’ve taken them for a long walk or got caught in a shower, you’re going to want to keep the mud they’ve raked up in one place. Some boot liners, which are available for little more than twenty pounds, will be far more effective than some hastily put down carrier bags and will mean you don’t find mud in your shopping bags next time you do the supermarket run.

Boot liners are also great for people that want to carry around more than the average load. If you are a DIY enthusiast or a keen gardener, then a boot liner will be the perfect accessory to keep your car clean and tidy.

Phone-lighter charger

Car chargers are everywhere these days and it’s a sign of the times that even on the road we need something to keep our sat nav, mobile phones and mp3 players alive. Thankfully, you can buy multi-chord devices which will allow you to charge all your gadgets at the same time, from the one lighter socket. Believe me when I say – there is nothing worse than your sat nav running out of battery when you don’t know where you’re going!

Dashboard phone holder

Everybody knows by now (or if they don’t, they really should) that talking on a mobile phone whilst driving is illegal and dangerous, unless a hands-free kit or speaker system is used. A dashboard phone holder, which can cost as little as five pounds, makes answering the phone safe and easy – meaning no fiddling around trying to plug your hands-free kit while simultaneously negotiating a roundabout. If you absolutely have to talk on the phone while driving – do it safely!

Parking sensors

Many people will add about £600 to the cost of their new car by having the manufacturer’s own parking sensors added to the vehicle, but it is possible to buy separate sensors for as little as £30. Even the best drivers have to admit that sometimes, there is a parking space that is just too tight to get into, but parking sensors will be a big help. If you still mess it up – you might end up on YouTube.

Car vacuum cleaner

Even without kids and pets, cars accumulate dirt on the inside as well as the out, and for some reason it’s very noticeable. Whilst giving the floor mats a good shake off and beating will do some good, it won’t be long before the dirt is back. Car vacuum cleaners don’t cost more than two or three trips to the valet, but will save you money in the long term and keep your car looking clean and tidy, all year round.

Sat Nav

Perhaps this is too obvious, but believe it or not, there are still people who don’t own a satellite navigation system and try to find the right page of their A to Z when waiting at traffic lights. It’s true, sat navs are fairly pricey (although the Tom Tom app for iPhone/Android is a cheaper option), but there is no denying that they make driving a lot easier, and a lot more bearable if you do find yourself lost – and features on some models, such as ‘get me home’ mean you can be on your way at the touch of a button, with no need for a road map.

Technology  10/06/2013 13:14:46

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