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Top Automotive Innovations of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, the automotive industry has received a fair share of innovations throughout the year. Now let’s take a look at the most influential developments and the car manufacturer’s who are leading the way.

Tesla – Solidifying the Future of Electric cars

For years Tesla has been prying open our eyes to the possibilities of cars running on nothing more than battery power. They have smashed the perception of impractical, temperamental and unfashionable cars. Their Tesla S is a luxurious saloon capably of performing up to 300 miles (at 55mph) on a single charge. The company is showing continuous growth and development, gathering great interest across the globe.

This year they unveiled their entry into the family SUV market with the Tesla X. They also plan to build a “gigafactory” with Panasonic, allowing them to produce up to half a million cars per year. The fact that Tesla exists and continues to expand (with a market value over half of General Motors) only brightens the future for electric cars next year.

Toyota – Making Hydrogen Powered Cars Realistic

Whilst governments are encouraging drivers to pursue greener vehicles, Toyota has been investing heavily in Hydrogen power. Unlike other manufacturers, they are not merely experimenting; they have committed themselves to a global rollout.

The Japanese manufacturer plans to launch their alternative energy models in the US, Germany and Japan during 2016. They already have the facilities set up, plus they are capabe of creating attractive designs to compete well in the market. This year, vehicles that emit nothing more than water vapour will begin to become an attainable reality!

Mercedes-Benz – Bringing Self-Drive Technology To Drivers

Talk of advanced self-drive technology has been buzzing around for years, many manufacturers have already thrown their hat into the ring. Yet this year Mercedes-Benz has proved they are a cut above the rest. In fact, 70% of their S-class range will come with autonomous driving features.

Most importantly, their technology proves to be both reliable and useful in everyday driving situations. Traffic jams or slow driving (up to 37mph) will no longer require constant driver input. All steering, accelerating, braking can be safely processed by the vehicle itself. For those who still dread parallel parking, sit back, let go of the wheel and your S-Class will take care of the rest.

Honda - Developing Revolutionary Crash Test Simulations

Developing and manufacturing vehicles is no easy task. Often it’s a lengthy process with delays and setbacks. Even after the initial design each vehicle will have to go through extensive testing that can send engineers back to the drawing board. Yet recently Honda has addressed an integral part of the crash test experimentation using advanced technology from Hollywood animation studios.

Now Honda’s engineers can quickly run through numerous, highly accurate, crash test situations without waiting for production. Results can be studied from various angles and provide an astounding analysis. Vehicles put through simulation are rendered down to component level, allowing for precise assessment of damage. Honda leads the way to safer vehicles with more efficient design procedures.

Motoring News  08/01/2016 09:35:55

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