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Top car toys to buy this Christmas

Christmas is coming which means (among other more sanctimonious things) presents! Here is a round-up of the best car toys for the different drivers in your life.

For the ‘Tech geek’ driver: GoPro

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a GoPro is exclusively for use in the waves and mountains; GoPros can be great fun in the car too! If you’re off on a scenic route it will take beautiful footage in panorama. You could also take footage of fun family drives (capturing your adorable 5-year-old singing ‘Let it Go’ will pay dividends at their 18th). GoPro also has the ability to do time lapse and some models even offer built-in WiFi and Bluetooth tethering so you can upload instantly.

For the ‘Big kid at heart driver’: Lego Ferrari

If your Christmas budget can’t quite stretch to the real thing, why not buy them a Lego version instead? The Ferrari F40 is a distinctive car and the Lego version does not disappoint! With over 1000 pieces and its trademark bright red finish, this is sure to delight any driver with fond childhood memories of Lego!

For the ‘Luxury’ driver:  Leather gloves

A pair of leather gloves will not only keep their hands toasty, they also add an element of luxury to the simple act of driving ones car. Make it personal by opting for a pair in their favourite colour or alternatively select a shade similar to their car for a matchy-matchy look!

For the ‘Eco Warrior’ driver: Reusable coffee cup

Whilst they spend most of their time on a bicycle, they’ll need to use their hybrid to get home for Christmas. Of course stopping at the services for a cup of Joe isn’t ideal for this eco warrior, all those disposable cups and unethical companies won’t do! So why not gift them a travel mug? They can fill it with their favourite fair trade blend and get caffeinated the environmentally friendly way.

For the ‘Just passed their test’ driver: New driver hamper

This one requires a bit of creativity, but it would make a super gift for any friend or family member that has just passed their test. Start with a few practical items such as de-icer and a phone charger and top it off with a fun extras, like a pair of kitsch fuzzy dice!

For the ‘Clean freak’ driver: Window vac

A clean car is a happy car! So treat this driver to a very clean car and gift them a window vac. The window vac will ensure windows as sparkly clean by using a suction nozzle to remove all the dirt and water. Squeaky clean!

published: 04/12/2015 09:18:42

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