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Top five excuses given for speeding

Most of us have done it; eked a mile or two over the limit to shave off a little bit of time. But we thoroughly doubt any of you have had excuses quite this bad (or mad)!

Excuses, excuses! ran a survey with 500 drivers to ascertain the most common reason for speeding. The number one reason - with a whopping 20.4% of people admitting to using it - was “I couldn’t see the sign telling me not to do it.”

Other choice favourites included “I’m lost on an unfamiliar with the roads” (15.6%) and our personal favourite “My GPS said it was the right thing to do it” (2.2%).

Top 5 Excuses

1. I was commuting between my two wives

Back in 2008 Mohammed Anwar somehow convinced a court to let him keep his licence after he was caught driving more than twice the speed limit in Falkirk, Stirlingshire. He was going an incredible 64mph in a 30mph zone, which should have equalled no more licence for Mr. Anwar. But he managed to get off the hook by explaining that without a licence he wouldn’t be able to see both of his wives. He had one wife in Motherwell and another in Glasgow and he saw them on alternative evenings. He got away with a £200 fine and 6 penalty points. We bet his wives weren’t impressed!

2. It wasn’t my daughter, it was my French mate

60-year-old Bradford resident David Simmonite was jailed for four months back in 2005. He told the court his French friend was the one who committed a speeding offence, not his daughter. Unfortunately for Mr. Simmonite, the police did a bit of digging and found out his French pal had been at home with a kidney problem that night. Oops! Lesson one: get your facts straight.

3. I was escaping the paparazzi

Back in 1999 English football David Beckham managed to escape a driving ban when he was caught speeding in his Ferrari Maranello. Why? He explained he was being chased by a photographer. Sadly not one we ordinary folk are likely to be able to use.

4. I needed the loo

In the same year, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was spotted illegally driving on a motorway hard shoulder. His excuse? He had severe diarrhoea and needed to find a loo pronto. Not one for the easily embarrassed.

5. I’ve got frozen food

French police officer Alexandre Despretz has heard so many excuses in his time as a police officer, he’s written a book on it! Les Bonnes Excuses des Mauvais Conducteurs (The Good Excuses of Bad Drivers) includes some classics like, “My wife is having a baby,” as well as some more obscure and inventive excuses, such as having to rush home because there is frozen food that they don’t want to defrost!

And a bonus excuse for being caught on a mobile…

6. I was eating a prawn cracker

A woman in Purbeck was stopped for using a mobile phone whilst driving. She told the police they were mistaken as she didn’t have her mobile phone but was eating a prawn cracker, hence the confusion. She gave the officer her number (the crucial error) which he promptly rang, and, of course, her phone went off in the car. Desperate to appease the officer, she apologised and offered him a prawn cracker. 

Offbeat  24/11/2015 09:23:15

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