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Top tips for winter proofing your car

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but letís make sure your driving is still delightful! Yes Ė winter is here which means updating your car to meet the seasonal demands and to keep you and your passengers safe.

Itís worth it, as according to the AA youíre more likely to break down in winter. They had their busiest ever day on Monday 4th January 2012, then again on Monday 20th December 2010 when they handled over 28,000 breakdowns. So it pays to be prepared.

Check your tyres

You need correctly inflated tyres at all times, but itís particularly important during winter when under or over inflated tyres are dangerous on icy roads. So make sure you check the air pressure and adjust accordingly, the AA suggests doing this every fortnight. They also recommend at least 3mm of tread and suggest you should even consider winter tyres for optimum safety.†

Wash your windscreen

Give your windscreen a good wipe down to reduce dazzle from low sun. Give your windscreen even more love by replacing worn wiper blades and topping up your screen wash. Anti-freeze is particularly important during colder months, ask you garage for the correct concentration for your car.

Test your battery

Battery issues are the most common cause of winter breakdowns; it makes sense considering the strain we put on them by way of lights and heating. So if your battery is older than three years, it could be worth getting it tested at your garage and thereby avoiding the issue of a failed battery and the associated roadside replacement costs.

Fuel your car

We suggest keeping your tank topped up to at least a quarter at all times. That way you wonít start stressing if you get stuck in delays.

Lock it up

To stop doors freezing shut, we suggest a thin coat of polish or Vaseline rubbed into rubber door seals. You should also squirt a bit of water dispersant into locks to stop them from freezing.

Pack up

Youíre going to need a few extras when the weather dips. A de-icer and a scraper are a must, as they will speed up the removal of ice and make sure you avoid the dreaded boiling water method. No, just no! A pair of warm gloves will make this job a lot more bearable.

Itís also worth packing a pair of sunglasses to help lessen the effect of a low sun. An in-car phone charger is a good idea too, as the cold weather is likely to run your phones battery down quicker than usual. If youíve got kids itís a good idea to pack a warm blanket and a few snacks in†case of any delays.

Treat yourself

To a service! It might seem a bit extravagant, but it will certainly give you a bit of peace of mind. Itís particularly useful to do this before a big journey. And whilst it might seem costly Ė itís got to beat the alternative; stuck on the M25 on Christmas Eve with two kids and ĎChristmas Classicsí on repeat.†

published: 27/11/2015 09:27:27

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