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Tougher MoT tests 'could see thousands fail'

Tougher MoT tests 'could see thousands fail' Image

Drivers face tougher MoT tests from today.

That is when stricter new standards come into place, leaving thousands of drivers facing an MoT failure or costly repair bills, say the AA.

The changes seek to ensure minimum Europe-wide technical standards which could lessen the risk of mechanical breakdown or accidents.

They will include checks such as the steering wheel lock, xenon lights, airbag, seatbelt, driver's seat adjustment and tyre pressure monitoring systems.

The test changes have been included since the start of last year but only on an advisory basis. Any faults discovered could mean a failed test from today.

AA patrolman of the year Andy Smith said motorists who had until now been merrily ignoring a warning light because it was not part of the test could now be putting their vehicle on the MoT scrapheap or paying for expensive repairs.

Mr Smith said it could have costly consequences for someone running an old car on a small budget.

But he added: "These changes are long overdue as airbags, for example, have been widely fitted since the mid-90s."

He said it is vital that these keep remain safe and effective throughout the vehicle's life.

Car Care Tips  20/03/2013 17:00:01

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