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Toughest Rescue Vehicles From Around the World

Man and machine have co-existed for many centuries now. Going way back to the pulley and lever, even the wheel: these inventions have doubtless made rescues possible, previously unachievable by humans alone. As civilisation became increasingly complex and advanced, we have developed progressively awesome machines.† The wheel has certainly come a long way from the horse and chariot days! Now let us marvel the most awesome rescue vehicles that are assisting us today.†

The Ghe-O Rescue Truck - Romania

This is a mammoth in all senses of the word. It has immense pulling power thanks to the 500bhp petrol engine or 300bhp diesel engine. It even outmuscles a mighty Hummer H1 at three feet longer, two feet wider but 500 pounds lighter.

Itís a beast with attitude but it also has an array of tools to boost its capabilities. Half-tracks on the back tires provide extra grip in icy or slippery conditions. It has great vertical climbing abilities, with high ground clearance and lockable axles to match.

If you werenít already certain of its unstoppable nature, even raging rivers pose no threat! Inflatable pillows on the tyre are ready at the push of a button. Custom models enable this rescue truck to complete a number of missions, fire-fighting included.

Paramount Group Marauder† - South Africa

In South Africa 1994, following much political violence, Paramount decided it was time to help the African government protect their country. Now a global corporation, they have become key members of global defence and aerospace innovation.

The Marauder is widely acclaimed as the worldís most unstoppable vehicle. Standing at 10 feet tall, who are we to argue? This rugged rescue vehicle resembles an agile tank. It can even withstand 8-14kg of direct explosive, dependent on the contact zone. Even the odd IDE or landmines cannot stop this thing from its mission.

The cabin and crew compartment are also double skinned and resistant to kinetic blasts, such as RPGs: handy if youíre in a rough part of town!

Mercedes-Benz Unimog Ė Germany

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog the world-renowned all-rounder with seemingly limitless applications. After 70 years of production, it has only been further refined with age. Situation that place extreme demands upon vehicles, the Unimog is waiting to be outfitted and step up.

It is often used in Dakar Rally Raids as a support vehicle. Nothing else can handle navigating those treacherous tracks. You can even swap from left-hand to right-hand drive at your own convenience, quite practical for navigation.

Mounting and driving over a 1m boulder is no sweat, thanks to its mighty ground clearance and torque. The Unimog has been used to fight fires, transport goods and people over rough ground, even serious agricultural work. Truly it is king of the rugged all-rounders.

HDT Storm SRTV (Search & Rescue Tactical Vehicle) Ė USA

The HDT Storm is a wild and well equipped buggy, happiest when tearing up dunes and deserts, and ready to rapidly assail on the task at hand.

It features an incredible built-in roll cage; pesky flips or rollovers donít threaten the mission. 360-degree machine gun coverage is easily achieved, if the going gets tough. Itís pretty nimble too, capable of making J-turns at high speeds.

It performs very well at high altitudes, for search and rescue high and low! Itís unlikely to get caught in a tight spot, with amazing manoeuvrability and near vertical climbing abilities. The Storm SRTV is no slouch; with a roaring 430bhp engine itís evasive at the least!

Offbeat  16/02/2016 09:25:13

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