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Track Driving for Better Insurance Rates

Track Driving for Better Insurance Rates Image

If allowing your car insurance provider to track your driving could save you more than £1,000 on your yearly bill, would you let them do it? That is the question being mulled over by drivers in the United Kingdom as the country's Automobile Association (AA) prepares to launch a new car insurance policy (albeit one that has nothing to do with extended auto warranties) which would see a 'black box' placed into a vehicle, enabling the organisation to make sure that its insured motorists are driving responsibly when on the road. 

The BBC, which broke the story, says that the technology will be able to monitor braking severity and speed as well as the roads on which the car is being driven. The data that is collected from the black box could end up being used to determine fault in the event of an accident, providing it has been requested by a court order.

The AA has also told the BBC that should a driver be monitored going at "unsafe" speeds, the organisation will send them a "stern email" to tell them to slow down. While the addition of a black box to a vehicle, which is able to track almost everything the driver is doing, holds obvious privacy implications, the AA says that it will not be installed without the consent of the car owner. 

There is no doubt that the option would be financially attractive for drivers, with those who take it up and drive safely potentially saving as much as £850 per annum.

Motoring News  13/02/2012 11:00:01

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