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Tyre Care Tips from Go Car Warranty

To avoid your vehicle having any unforeseen problems it is vital to keep it in the best possible driving condition. Go Car Warranty can help you to cover many parts of your car but tyres are one area which are not covered by any provider of Car Warranties. This is why we have put together a useful guide on how to prolong the life of your tyres. This guide will also help to improve your safety, comfort, economy and performance.

The following tips can be used to try and keep down the tyre maintenance costs of your vehicle:

Tyre Wear - The legal limit for tyres is 1.6mm across the whole of the tyre. It is important that your tyres have at least this amount of tread for your safety. It is also a legal requirement and if you let your tread go below 1.6mm you could be given a fine of up to £2500 per tyre and also receive 3 penalty points on your license.

Tyre Pressure - It is advisable to check your tyre pressures every couple of weeks to ensure that none of the tyres are under inflated. Having the wrong tyre pressure will lead to un-even tyre wear, unstable handling, lower economy and decreased performance.

Wheel Balancing - If your wheels are unbalanced you can cause mechanical damage to your vehicle through wear of suspension and steering components, rotating parts and your tyres. Your will also experience a shaking through the steering wheel at certain speeds so having the wheels balanced will lead to a smoother ride.

Wheel Alignment – This is also known as the vehicles ‘tracking’ and can lead to tyres wearing unevenly. If you keep your tyres at the correct pressure then wheel alignment will be the most likely cause of un-even wear. You may also experience you car ‘pulling’ slightly to either side of the road.

Although car warranty does not cover tyre wear you can help maintain the condition of your tyres whilst protecting other areas of the car such as the suspension and steering components. It is always wise to check your tyres regularly for your safety, comfort and also to help your fuel economy.

Car Care Tips Car Warranty  04/05/2010 16:36:08

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