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Tyre labelling legislation is now active

Tyre labelling legislation is now active Image

New tyre labelling regulations have now come in to place across the European Union allowing consumers to see how effective they are in terms of grip in the wet, noise pollution and fuel efficiency.

The rating system is similar to the standards used to classify white goods appliances. Tyres will be labelled with a rating between the best, A, and G, which denotes the worst. Noise standards will be rated in terms of the decibels produced when in motion.

Vehicles that are fitted with their original tyres in car showrooms will not be subject to the new regulations, which came in to force on Thursday 1st November. The changes have mostly been welcomed by tyre manufacturers as a necessary step forwards.

However, Michelin has said that the new legislation could go further. Eric Le Corre, managing director at Michelin, said that the labelling should also provide information on the tyre's expected lifespan.

The tyre specialist has also highlighted that a large number of cars are failing their MOT because the treads of their tyres are under the legal minimum of 1.6mm.

Tyre Insurance  06/11/2012 17:00:01

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