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Tyre safety ignorance 'risking lives'

Tyre safety ignorance 'risking lives' Image

Lives are being put at risk due to a surprising amount of motorists still having very poor knowledge of tyres and tyre safety, a study reveals.

The findings come as new laws governing the labelling of tyres comes into force across Europe, similar to that you can see on white goods. The tyre criteria being measured are: grip in the wet, external noise and fuel efficiency.

Tyre manufacturer Goodyear has revealed in a poll of 2,000 drivers that more than half of them did not know the legal depth for tyre treads (1.6mm), while more than two-thirds (70%) did not check their tyre pressure at least once a month. Meanwhile, a worrying 13% thought that stopping distances actually decreased in the wet.

On top of this, investigations on 30,000 vehicles this year have shown that 55% of these cars were beneath the legal tread threshold.

Goodyear has given a thumbs-up to the tyre labelling, but is concerned that this does not give a complete picture of the tyre health of the nation. The tyre giant's marketing director Eddy Geerdink said that although the criteria were useful indicators, they do not tell you how a tyre will perform on every level. He cited "many other factors to consider", from braking on dry roads to aquaplaning, as well as stability at high speed and miles-per-tyre ratios.

Tyre Insurance  02/11/2012 17:00:01

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