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TyreSafe warns of rising pothole problem

TyreSafe warns of rising pothole problem Image

A tyre safety organisation says that the growing number of potholes around the UK are causing damage to cars and putting people in danger.

A recent study by Which? found that councils across England and Wales forked out as much as 22.8 million in compensation to drivers for pothole damage last year alone and TyreSafe says it can have "a serious impact on road safety".

The organisation's chairman, Stuart Jackson, warns that potholes can cause obvious damage such as buckled wheels or lumps in tyres, but that they can also inflict more subtle problems like cracked alloys.

He revealed that over 100 cars with damaged alloy wheels visited just one TyreSafe outlet in the last month alone and he says such issues can be "dangerous" and that drivers should get them looked at whether they have Vehicle Warranty or not.

Jackson says that alloy wheel fractures can deflate tyres and that low pressure can have "devastating consequences", so he recommends that people check tyre pressures regularly for a few days if they do hit a pothole.

As well as cuts, lumps or bulges in the tyres, motorists are advised to look out for any changes to how their vehicle handles or feels if they think they may have hit a pothole as it could have caused misalignment.

Tyre Insurance  11/02/2013 17:00:01

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