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Unbelievable Car Merchandise

It’s amazing what merchandise some car manufactures have actually released for sale, especially from the higher end brands. Some of their products may seem just too crazy, over the top or costly, you might would wonder who on earth would dream of actually buying them. But whether its through blind brand loyalty or more money than sense, people do buy them. To experience a taster of just a few example of outrageous merchandise available then simply continue to read below.

Hublot have created quite a masterpiece, with a price tag that suits. The MP-05 LaFerrari looks like an intricate maze of complex mechanics, even when compared to other timepieces. The first image that comes to mind is the exotic display of a supercar engine bay, very fitting considering its pedigree. Costing a hefty $318,000 you may have to choose between this watch or an actual all singing all dancing Ferrari. What you do get for your money is a spectacular looking piece of eye candy, featuring 637 components, tourbillion and the ability to carry on functioning without power for 50 days straight. What you will as get is exclusivity,  the MP-05 is limited edition with only 499 created in the first batch. What else you may ask? Well, it says Ferrari on it. Need I say more?

Do you feel an uncontrollable need to show off big time next time your out on the golf course? Do you also have an unhealthy obsession with Ford Mustangs? For you lucky few your dreams may have come true. Ford have seen fit to produce a spectacular Ford Shelby GT golf cart. You will be making an incredibly bold state as you roll up with a realistic fibreglass body and striking blue with white strips paintwork. Ford have gone the whole way, with upholstered seats, alloy wheels, even fully functioning lights and indicators. An electronic motor will drive this cart up to 20mph in next to no time. If you were worried about traction, Ford have even gone far enough to fit a limited slip differential. The only thing you don't get from this purchase is much change from $15,500.

Can you put a price on that magic moment when a complete stranger thinks thinks your cool as James Bond. Yes you can, it's around $34,000. Engineers from Jaeger-LeCoultre have created a subtle gadget which can do just that. A sleek masculine styled watch with secret agent style features for Aston Martin owners. This will work with either the DBS and Rapide models, naturally good choices for an aspiring agent. The car cars can be unlocked and started fired into life with the press of a button. Using a different function will allow you to gather more attention from onlookers by flashing your headlights. Little do they know you have actually purchased the world's most expensive car key.

What should you buy for your Bentley enthusiast friend for their upcoming birthday? Well a safe bet would be their spectacular limited edition aftershave. The crystal falcon boasts the legendary flying B mascot so there is no mistaking the quality heritage contained within. The fragrance within is said to represent the captured essence of their skills and vision. The automatic closely rembles exquisite leather and orris butter with subtle woody notes. The privilege of experiencing the sensual and charismatic flavors will cost you an an eye watering £3000. But production has been strictly limited to 999 pieces you can rest assured you have bought into exclusivity, you better be quick!

Offbeat  02/04/2014 16:51:51

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