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Unlimited Mileage Warranties

When it comes to choosing a hot new car they will usually come with an attractive new Car Warranty. In fact these are often flaunted quite proudly to entice you to buy a particular model. Since this is usually at no additional charge to the buyer, the number of years the policy lasts is one of the key features that is seen, the longer the better.

When looking at buying a used car you still always have the option to take out a used car warranty. Second hand or aging vehicles come with a risk of future breakdowns. Luckily a warranty can be purchased as a safeguard against those unforeseen costly repairs. After signing a contract you will pay an agreed monthly or yearly premium that provides cover for personal claims up to a prearranged value.

If you were to shop around you may notice that many of these policies will state a restricted mileage for the policy. This means that to stay within the policy terms you can only cover a certain distance annually. Otherwise you may risk invalidating you warranty and wasting your hard earned money.

Is Unlimited Mileage Always Better?

At some point you will come across companies offering unlimited mileage promises. Automatically you might assume this is always the best available policy for you. However, even if it states unlimited mileage it doesnít mean you should jump straight at it. As always a closer examination will confirm whether or not it is the bargain it seems to be.

First and foremost itís always wise to carefully go through the policy wording before you get too exciting and purchase your new car. Similarly with used Car Warranties where you may already own the vehicle, it pays to shop around and find the best deals available.

Find out Exactly What You Are Getting

Investigate exactly what is covered by each warranty plan to prevent any nasty surprises. It shouldnít be too hard to find information detailing exactly what parts of the car are covered and what are excluded. Companies will have differing methods of dealing with wear and tear so itís best to ask if youíre not quite sure.

The most common aspects covered by warranties are the engine, brakes, suspension and electrical systems. Use these categories to compare between policies but remember their inclusions may vary between companies.

Another point you will need to consider is whether the policy has a reasonable payout per claim and excess. It is important to ensure that in the unfortunate case of a claim, you understand what financial input your company would expect from you.

A Common Exclusion with Unlimited Mileage Policies

How you are planning to use your car during the policy can have a significant affect on your warranty validity. By default many of these policies do not include light commercial use, taxi or private hire. In most cases for work vehicles the warranty may drop many of its highlighted features and unlimited mileage, instead offering a more basic or limited cover.

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