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Upgrading Your Car Warranty

Upgrading Your Car Warranty Image

Depending on the terms found on your Car Warranty, there may be the chance, at least for a limited period of time, to upgrade from your current warranty cover to something more robust.  This is especially true with new car purchases in which dealers and manufacturers provide the option of going with a more robust warranty during the first few months of ownership.  In fact, some make it very easy to do.

One of the reasons for allowing this upgrade on car warranty cover is the fact that in the first bloom of new car ownership, owners are more focused on actually possessing the vehicle.  In their desire to complete the transaction process and take possession of the car, they will often go with the basic plan offered through the dealer.  Only upon later reflection do they begin to wonder if the extended plan would really be the best choice.

Many dealers provide a window of time in which new owners can return and switch from the basic to the extended car warranty.  In some cases, the switch can be arranged in as little as a few hours. 

If you are a new car owner and think that perhaps you were a little hasty in going with the first warranty plan you saw, go back and see if the option to upgrade is available.  If so, spend some time comparing the similarities and differences in terms between your current cover and the other plans.  Depending on your circumstances you may find the upgrade is worth the difference in cost and you will be able to secure those additional benefits quickly and easily.        

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