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Used car buying study reveals gender divide

Used car buying study reveals gender divide Image

The gender gap may have been driven down in many areas of motoring but not when it comes to buying a used car for spouses, research has suggested.

Research carried out by Experian found that while 6.5% of women had purchased a motor - often along with a used Car Warranty - for their husbands, more than four times as many men (28%) had bought one as a present for their wives.

The gender slit is less marked for unmarried couples with 3.3% of women buying for their boyfriends and almost 8.8% of men purchasing a used car for their girlfriend.

More than one in 20 (7.7%) mothers and 6.2% of fathers, meanwhile, have had a car bought for them by generous children.

And it seems the workplace and social circles are competing with car lots and motor ads for those seeking a used vehicle. More than one in 10 respondents said they'd bought from a co-worker and 6% of all respondents said they'd bought a used car from a friend or social acquaintance.

Car Care Tips  30/10/2012 17:00:01

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