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Used Car Warranties

When you buy a new car you get peace of mind because for a set period of time your car will be protected from any problems that it may face with the manufacturers warranty. Buying a used car is a different experience. It is still an expensive process but one of the biggest factors that worry people is that they have no safety net if the car goes wrong.

After buying the vehicle itself the customer will have to invest in insurance and maybe road tax and a new MOT. They may also want breakdown cover and have probably already paid for a car data check in an attempt to protect themselves when buying the vehicle. This makes an unforeseen repair bill the last thing that the buyers can afford.

Research provided by the RAC shows it now costs over £1,000 per year in repair, breakdown and servicing costs for the average family car.

25 per cent of cars suffer some degree of mechanical failure or electrical failure during your first 5 years of ownership. To help protect you from this cost Car Warranties are available to purchase. You can purchase a warranty for only £99 from Go Car Warranty, which will protect you for much less than the average yearly spend on repairs.

Used car warranties can also be bought from dealerships, but people find that specialist warranty companies can offer better cover along with competitive prices. These companies understand the nature of the purchase therefore will be able to tell you exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Go Car Warranty offers you two transparent policies in the Complete Warranty package and the Ultimate Warranty package. For only £99 you can purchase the Complete Warranty package which will cover all of the essential features of your vehicle. The Ultimate Warranty package provides comprehensive mechanical and electrical cover for your car.

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