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Vauxhall aims to be the best with car warranty and customer service

Recent reports suggest that Vauxhall is aiming to be the best car dealer in terms of customer service with a strong Car Warranty and other extras. Vauxhall announced in August that they would be offering a 100,000 mile car warranty and there are other measures in place to ensure that customer satisfaction levels remain high.

Vauxhall has no major product launches due for 2011, but there are some planned for 2012, with both the new Zafira and the Ampera plug in hybrid due out then. In the meantime the focus will be on ensuring good customer service on existing models and services.

This is particularly true of the fleet market and with this in mind Vauxhall has invested in a new database to help them to keep in close communication with firms that are due to change their vehicles.

Car warranty is always a good selling point for any car dealer and for the buyer, the peace of mind of a car warranty is essential. You need to know that if something happens to the car and it needs new parts or repairing then you are covered. Many people are now doing much more driving than they used to and a car warranty that covers them for higher mileage and longer car ownership is a welcome development. For those drivers that do not benefit from this, the purchase of extended warranties is available, so that you can provide your own peace of mind.

Extended Warranty Vauxhall Car Warranty  07/12/2010 11:41:19

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