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Vehicle Recalls Highlights the Need for Extended Warranty

Just recently there has been a spate of vehicle recalls hitting the headlines. Several manufacturers have found problems with certain models following the launch of them, and on the odd occasion there have been accidents associated with the problem.

When it comes to problems with the brakes or the steering, then these issues are certainly no laughing matter. The manufacturers recall the vehicles immediately and repair or replace the faulty parts. These repairs are carried out under the warranty provided by the manufacturer, highlighting the importance of purchasing an extended warranty policy for your vehicle.

If your car comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty and the vehicle fails after this time, the cost to repair it could be enormous. It will no longer be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, so even if the fault is not caused by the car owner they will still be liable for the full cost.

Go Car Warranty can help. Their policies are sold from just £99 making them one of the cheapest on the market. This cost is relatively small when compared to the peace of mind you will have knowing that if something goes wrong with your car, you will not have to find the money to replace it. During times such as this when money is tight, paying out for car repairs can be seen as an unwanted expense, even if the car is a necessity. Extended warranty is the sensible option. Extendable warranty policies are available on both new and used cars, and should definitely be considered as a standard (and necessary) purchase.

Car Warranty Vehicle Warranty  29/11/2010 11:01:12

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