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Vehicle Warranty The Dangers of Not Being Covered

Vehicle Warranty The Dangers of Not Being Covered Image

Some consumers think that a Vehicle Warranty is really not a big deal.  In fact, there is a class of consumers that think investing in anything other than the basic warranty while the car loan is being paid off is a waste of time and money.  This can be dangerous thinking for several reasons.

One of the major issues with failing to maintain a vehicle warranty is the cost associated with making repairs that are often covered within the terms of the vehicle warranty.  While the hope is that the engine, gearbox and other major systems do not fail for any reason, the fact is that if they do, then the repair bills are likely to be expensive.  Imagine having to come up with a large amount of cash in order to pay for repairs that would have been settled easily with the vehicle warranty.  

Another major consideration is the fact that having a warranty actively encourages owners to observe consistent servicing schedules for their car.  This is because the warranty terms often require periodic checks in order for the coverage to remain valid.  Unfortunately, not everyone is diligent in maintaining their vehicles, unless there is some sort of incentive to do so.  That vehicle warranty may be just enough incentive to stick with the schedule and have the car serviced on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that all it takes is one major breakdown to make the cost of the warranty worthwhile.  Even if you never have to use the coverage, having a vehicle warranty provides you with peace of mind.

Author - Michael Barclay


Vehicle Warranty  17/02/2011 11:00:01

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