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Volvo unveil revamped smartphone app

Volvo unveil revamped smartphone app Image

Volvo has redesigned its award-winning smartphone app, which now includes additional features and improved vehicle connectivity.

The Volvo On Call application is available to download for free on Android, iPhone and Windows handsets and will be fully compatible with the V60 Hybrid.

Motorists who used the previous version of the app could remotely check if their car was locked, while also being able to see the vehicle's precise map location and obtain mileage data.

But the revamped app now comes with an enhanced driving journal, which is capable of tracking every journey made in the last 40 days, and also allows Volvo owners to use the app's map function to send a precise location to the car.

The app also includes a "Honk and Flash" feature that enables users to honk their horn or flash their lights from the end of their fingertip.

The V60 Hybrid will be the world's first plug-in diesel model when it arrives on British forecourts later this year and is sure give Volvo the edge with in-car connectivity.

published: 25/01/2013 17:00:01

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