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Warranties and Winter What You Need to Know

With the Great British Winter peeking just round the corner, now is the perfect time to begin preparation. Whilst layers of warm clothes and plenty of hot beverages prevent us from getting sick, what about our cars? Let us not forget, the winter also puts excess strain on our trusty motors.

It’s positively the least favourable time to be stranded at the roadside. Then there are the costly bills to add insult to injury. Even those with Car Warranties should be weary, consequential damage is often excluded. For example, if vital fluids have been neglected you may be footing the subsequent repair bills.

But fear now, adopt these essential winter checks to stand the greatest chance of sailing through the winter season trouble free.

Check and Replace Engine Oil

As many motorists are already aware, engine oil is imperative for long-term reliability. It keeps all internal components moving freely and reduces wear. Keep your engine happy by regularly checking your oil level and topping it up if it falls.

Over time the oil will become less effective, it’s becomes contaminated, black and sludgy. All vehicle manufacturers provide a service schedule to ensure the oil is changed regularly and engine protection is maintained. If your oil is going to be due for renewal change it now before the winter hits.

Within the owner’s manual you will find guidelines for specific engine oil and grades. They will provide a range, allowing for thinner oil to be used during colder months. As the temperature drops, oil thickens and circulation is reduced. Consider changing to a thinner oil grade to ensure optimal lubrication through the winter.

Anti-Freeze is Now Essential

Whilst many will neglect it during warmer times, now it’s very important to have adequate anti-freeze in your coolant system. As the outside environment is freezing you must make sure your engine isn’t included. On top of engine starting troubles, the expanding water will split coolant hoses and cracks major components.

Ensure your coolant levels are within range and keep your anti-freeze and water mixed at a 50:50 ratio. You can either use an anti-freeze tester or buy pre-mix anti-freeze at your local service station.

Pack a Winter Survival Kit

Unfortunately winter brings with it a string of accidents and gridlocks. As the conditions worsen our roads become more dangerous. It’s always best to be prepared for a long cold delay. Here are a few useful items may be worth their weight in gold if the worst happens:

- Water bottles and snacks

- Blankets, gloves and a high visibility jacket

- Ice scraper and salt

- Torch and lighter

Test Your Vehicle’s Basic Functions

During these coming months, visibility on the roads is greatly reduced. It’s essential to ensure you can see and be seen by others. Ensure all your lights and indicators are functioning correctly. Consider checking the following on a weekly basis:

- Headlights (low and high)

- Brake Lights

- Indicators

- Hazards

- Fog Lights

- Horn

Ensure Your Battery is Healthy

The cold conditions during winter are really taxing on our car batteries. Colder engines are harder to turn over and demand a higher current. Old or weak batteries are often driven to failure during this time of year. If your battery is 5 years or older it may need replacing before you go through winter. Go and have your battery health checked by a local mechanic to be on the safe side.

Essential Warranty

There's never a worse time of year for your car to develop faults than Winter, so why not consider getting some warranty to ease your mind. Go Car Warranty offer a number of excellent warranty packages to suit your personal preferences.

Car Warranties  09/11/2015 09:16:32

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