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What could you buy for the price of a Bugatti Veyron

Private Island Image

Coming in at number two in the top ten list of the most expensive cars in the world (just behind the Lamborghini Veneno), a Bugatti Veyron will set you back at least a whopping £1.5m. While this may seem a fair whack, it’s around a third cheaper than the Veneno, so our optimistic minds have decided it’s not beyond our reach and is worth a place on the bucket list.

Of course, a car that much is out of the reach for all but the wealthiest of people on the planet. But what if you actually did have £1.5m lying around? Or what if you had £1.5m and already owned a Veyron? We decided to take a look at what else you could buy for that much money, if (for some reason) supercars were of no interest to you.

Beachside Property

Footballers and other people with cash to burn quite often choose to spend it on property, and it’s usually (recessions aside, of course) not a bad decision given value retention and rental opportunities. There are of course plenty of £1m+ properties around, but the one pictured – which is conveniently on the market for exactly £1.5m – is quite special. Situated on the outskirts of Abersoch, a well-known footballer spot, it sits on the beach and consists of two holiday lets, converted from what was four fishermens’ cottages.


I hate to be the one to break it to you, but while you can indeed buy a superyacht for under £1.5m, you’re going to be in a yacht that the people in the real super superyachts look down on. Well, maybe. But still, you can’t complain too much – because, for £1.5m, you could be cruising the world in the yacht built by the world famous boat builders, Sunseeker. Housing up to ten people (enough for a party easily) your yacht would have four bedrooms; it comes complete with TVs in each room; surround sound entertainment system; on board telephone system; a kitchen with dishwasher and a jacuzzi. Oh go on then, if I must..

An Island

Private islands are, surprisingly, a lot cheaper than you’d imagine. For around $250,000 dollars you can buy a small island in one of the US’ Great Lakes (or six of them with our imaginary budget). But for the price of a Bugatti Veyron you could get your hands on the freehold to Goat Cay in the Bahamas and still have a fair whack of cash left to build a decent-sized home. The island is well developed and is in a protected bay, complete with sandy area which could easily be converted to a beach with your spare change. We’ll bet the views from the top of the island – 50ft high – aren’t too bad either.

Golf Course

The chances are that if you’ve got £1.5m to spend on anything, then you’re not going to be filling your time sat behind your desk or commuting on overcrowded trains. If you want to make a purchase that can help fill your spare time (and improve your handicap) then a golf club’s not a bad idea. There are bargains to be had, as the market for golf clubs is similar to the housing market and considering some less glamorous clubs are going for around £400,000, you could get a fairly nice club for your Bugatti Veyron.

Football Club

Football clubs are arguably the ultimate in play-things for the richest people on the planet. While nowadays £1.5m will get you a lower league team (if that) and the likes of Arsenal are sold for £1.5 billion, there was a time when you could pick them up on the cheap. Ken Bates famously bought Chelsea for £1 back in 1982 and made a fair bit more when selling to Roman Abramovich. Still, given the cost of clubs these days, the uncertainty over ROI and the fact we only have £1.5m to spend…Let’s go and buy that Veyron.

Offbeat  06/03/2014 11:03:02

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