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What Does a Motor Warranty Cover

What Does a Motor Warranty Cover Image

Many consumers never get around to looking at the Motor Warranty that comes with their new car until it is in need of some repairs or replacement parts, at which point it may be a little late to do the owner much good.  For this reason, taking the time to go over your motor warranty when you buy the car is very important.

The fact is that not every motor warranty is the same.  Some provide a broader scope of coverage than others.  Even if the last three vehicles you´ve owned had similar warranty terms, there is no guarantee that the coverage for your new car will be the same.  Making that assumption could mean failing to do something necessary to keep the warranty valid and ensure you get the most from the coverage.

Take the time to go over each clause in the motor warranty and identify what types of replacement parts are included in the coverage.  This will help you have some idea of the level of protection you have in the event that the radiator malfunctions or an oil filter should clog after an oil change at an authorised garage.  Failing to know exactly what your warranty does and does not cover could lead to paying for repairs that are covered under the terms, or possibly rendering certain portions of the cover invalid because you did not maintain the vehicle according to those terms.  For your own good, read the warranty, and know what must be done to get the most from the coverage.

Author - Michael Barclay


Motor Warranty  15/02/2011 11:00:01

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