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What does your car colour say about you

While you may not really think much about the colour of the car other than whether you like it or not, car manufacturers themselves put a lot of effort into what colours they are going to offer a vehicle in. Indeed, the colour of the car is as much a part of the branding as the name, the shape and the advertising.

With recent news that the colour of a crisp packet can have an effect on how we taste the product inside, we thought we’d do a bit of digging into car colours.

What does the colour of your car say about you?

Believe it or not, but cars can often be a very good indicator of personality. While you might think this is simply a case of a dark colour representing a dark personality, or a bright colour meaning you’re happy, there is, apparently, more to it than that. And what’s more, some car colours are more popular in some countries than other – read on to see what your car says about you and where that colour is popular.


A black car is said to represent authority and supremacy, which makes sense given you never see a Prime Minister, or Head of State, in a car of any other colour. According to research by Ford, black is the most popular colour in Denmark, where the days are short and the nights long. Whether the paint colour helps keep you warmer, we’re not sure.


Drive a blue car? Well apparently that means you’re a peaceful and serene type of person, who likes to spend time reflecting on life and contemplating your options. Money isn’t important to you, but relationships are. And the Czechs go mad for blue, it would seem – buying more blue cars in 2011 than any other colour.


If you drive a red car than you’re energetic, passionate and vibrant – and not just on the road. Apparently you’re more likely to drive quickly if your car is red, too. Interestingly, Czechs bought the highest percentage of red cars in 2011 as well – maybe it’s down to patriotism given the colours of the Czech flag are blue and red?


Apparently drivers of green cars are conscientious and well-balanced and are the least likely to suffer from road rage. They’re sociable – watch out for them driving and on their mobiles – and tend to be patient and calm. According to Ford, the highest proportion of people that buy green cars is in Hungary.


I’ve always found yellow to be a bit of a garish colour for a car, personally, and have struggled to see why anyone would choose it. Now I learn that drivers of yellow cars are fun-loving, bubbly, confident and expressive. Yellow cars do, I should add, seem to be few and far between, and this is backed up by the fact that Ford don’t seem to have the data for yellow cars. Perhaps dislike for yellow is the majority feeling across Europe. Maybe we should approach Ferrari and Lamborghini for stats on these colours!


White cars, to many, are just dirt magnets, requiring a good clean more often than most vehicles. Apparently there is no one personality trait for drivers of white cars, and you’re either considered, or extroverted – so you’ll have to make your own minds up on that. Finally we have a logical country where white is the most popular colour – Turkey. Given the heat, it’s unsurprising Turkish drivers choose a sun-reflecting colour – and hopefully a car with good air-conditioning, too.

Did you know that in the UK used white cars being sold go for a premium? Some experts say that white has become a popular colour since the police in the UK started using colours other than white…

Ok, let’s now focus on the UK. Ford’s data has us down as black and blue lovers. Arguably the proportion of black cars wanted and bought is skewed by corporate buyers (and maybe even cabbies?), but I quite like the fact that, as a nation of blue car lovers, we are peaceful and serene.  Well peaceful and serene are probably not two words that you would associate with the roads in the UK, but we will let you be the judge on that matter.

Car Buying Tips  24/03/2015 09:17:08

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