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What Good is a Second Hand Car Warranty



For some people, the idea of paying good money for a second hand Car Warranty seems absurd.  After all, the car is used and it will likely need repairs sooner rather than later.  Why waste the money on a warranty that will have no more than limited value?  The fact is that securing a decent second hand car warranty not only makes sense, it can be one of the best financial decisions you can make.



While it is true that used cars have seen some miles, that does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is about to need major repairs.  A well maintained used vehicle may actually spend less time in the garage in the first year of ownership than a brand new model that has just rolled off the assembly line.  Having a good second hand car warranty, one that covers any minor repairs that may crop up from time to time, means less out of pocket expense. 



At the same time, should something major occur with the vehicle, there is a good chance that a second hand car warranty will be just as useful.  Many warranties of this type do provide limited coverage on key components within each system of the car, including the engine and gear box.  The trick is to read the terms of the warranty carefully before buying.  By taking into consideration the condition of the used car and the protection offered by various warranty plans, you can choose the right second hand car warranty and enjoy benefits with both minor and major repairs, should they become necessary. 


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