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What Happens if you Can't Find Your Car Warranty

What Happens if you Can't Find Your Car Warranty Image

Even with the best-laid plans, car owners sometimes manage to lose track of where they have stashed away the hard copies of their Car Warranty plans.  Fortunately the loss of the hard copy does not mean that the protection provided by the plan is lost forever.  In fact, replacing the document is usually a lot easier than most consumers realise.

Should you find that your copy of the car warranty is nowhere to be found, do not despair.  Contact the dealer where you purchased the car.  In many cases, the dealer can provide direct contact information to the warranty provider and allow you to begin the process of replacing the document in a short period of time.

Keep in mind that as you work with the provider, questions will be asked in order to confirm your identity.  This is to your advantage, since it protects your private information from being accessed by others.  The type of information required will vary, based on the data you submitted at the time the car warranty was processed and activated.  Data such as one or two pieces of personal information, the make and model of the car and approximately when the coverage started is often enough to allow the provider to identify the particular warranty plan you have and supply a new copy.

In some cases, you can opt to receive an electronic copy via email.  When this is the case, the car warranty text may be placed directly into the body of the email or sent as an attachment.  This method allows you to have a new copy to print out almost immediately.  Even if the provider only sends replacement copies by post, you should have the new document in hand within a matter of days.

Michael Barclay

Car Warranty  19/07/2011 11:00:01

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