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What Happens When There Is No Car Warranty

What Happens When There Is No Car Warranty Image

Unfortunately, not all consumers see any real point in obtaining a Car Warranty, or making any attempt to renew the warranty when presented with the opportunity.  This course of action is often a false economy.

The purpose of a car warranty is to protect the interests of the car owner.  When the owner complies with all of the terms of the coverage, he or she is protected from potentially costly repairs.  While most warranties do require that the covered vehicles be subjected to no more than what is considered standard and reasonable usage, and that regular servicing takes place, those requirements are usually no more than the minimum necessary to keep the car in decent working condition.  From this perspective, having a car warranty can actually be an additional incentive to keep the car in a good condition, which in turn minimises the chances of experiencing a breakdown.

By choosing to have a car warranty, owners are protected in the event that a number of mechanical issues should arise.  Rather than having to shoulder the entire cost of repairs alone, the car can be transported to an authorised garage, the repairs can be made, and the owner will either pay a certain percentage or nothing at all, depending on the provisions found in the car warranty.  For people who cannot afford to set aside large sums of money to manage expensive car repairs, buying a good quality warranty is easily the most sensible solution.

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Warranty  22/02/2011 11:00:01

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