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What is Extended Car Warranty and When Do You Need It

The biggest advantage of having an extended warranty on your vehicle is that you have a constant peace of mind. You can rest assured that most problems with your vehicle can be fixed and dealt with as part of the Car Warranty package.

Most people aren’t experienced in buying car warranty, therefore are hesitant about purchasing extended warranty as they think it’s an unnecessary expense. Due to the word “extended” being used it is perceived that you are buying an additional warranty on top of the basic one that is offered by the manufacturer. Often people need an extension of their basic warranty offered by the manufacturer because they want extra protection for their vehicle.

If you are buying a new vehicle, warranty will already be put into place as part of your buyers package, however this will only be for a certain amount of time before it expires, therefore you’ll need to ask yourself these three questions:

1. Will I be using my car for ‘average’ distances?
2. Is the warranty in place sufficient for the length of ownership?
3. Does my vehicle have any common faults or unreliable areas?

If you are looking to buy a used car there may not be a warranty in place. It can be a great way to secure yourself from having to pay unexpected repair bills for any breakdown you may have. It can be a concern when purchasing a used car as you generally can not tell the full history of the vehicle. This is where an extended car warranty can act as an extra form of insurance so you can avoid having to pay unexpected repair bills.

Ultimately it’s the buyer’s decision as to what kind of car warranty would suit the situation. Extended warranty is by far the strongest way of ensuring the best kind of protection on your vehicle. Go Car Warranty can offer up to a 3 year package for extended warranty which starts from only £99 a year and gives you complete peace of mind.

published: 21/07/2010 16:29:51

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