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What is the most reliable car you can buy

These days, when buying a car, consumers are faced with a mass of information: tests for this and tests for that, with advertising on television and billboards, in newspapers and on the internet – all putting out the same message: you must buy this car. And while there are people who will be sucked in by whichever advert shines the most or whichever celebrity is in the advert, one sure way of choosing a reliable vehicle is to do your research.

There is a wide array of different indexes out there judging cars on different criteria, but without doubt the most important of these is safety. So which car should you be buying, if you’re to follow reliability indexes?

The leading indexes have the Honda Jazz top of the pile for safety, claiming that it’s a “small, cheap car that’s reliable and practical”. It’s hard to argue with that and while not the sexiest car on the road, given its price bracket, you can’t really ask for much more.

Second is the Mitsubishi Lancer. Not a car that is too commonly seen on the streets of Britain. The Lancer is a nice, modern looking car, not dissimilar from a Subaru Impreza and with similarly impressive acceleration statistics too. In terms of safety, the average repair cost on a Lancer is just £95.43 – so in other words, repairs are minor. What’s more, an average time off the road of 0.98 hours highlights that repairs are quick and won’t inconvenience owners for too long.

The Vauxhall Agila and Chevrolet Kalos come in third and fourth respectively, but given their rarity on UK roads we’ll ignore them and focus on the car in fifth – the Toyota Yaris. The Yaris is one of the first cars that comes to mind when people talk of reliability and there are good reasons for that. The Yaris is firmly in the ‘good’ camp in terms of reliability and average repair costs are an acceptable £137, with just 1.36 hours off the road per repair on average. The Yaris also came top of Auto Express’ survey of 46,000 drivers just last year, with a reliability rating of 98.4%. And the 100,000 mile, five year warranty only serves to ease any concerns that owners may have.

Sadly, not all cars are as reliable as these, and you could end up with a car that spends more time in the garage than on the road. Rather than stretching your budget every time your car has a problem, consider investing in an extended used Car Warranty from Go Car Warranty today, so that you know if your car breaks down, there won’t be hefty mechanics’ costs to pay. To find out more about our used Car Warranties, visit our ‘Why Us’ page today.

Car Buying Tips  17/04/2014 09:24:59

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