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What makes a car masculine or feminine

It is not uncommon for car owners to talk about their cars’ personalities. From the 4 wheel drive brute to the quaint and dainty beetle, it’s often hard not to think of your car’s character traits. Some car owners even go as far as to give them names. But if you’re going to go as far as naming it, it’s only sensible to choose its gender first. But what makes a car a male or female? 

Rules for the masculine motor

Size and strength - your manly car should have big wheels, a big frame and a bigger engine. It should be faster and more powerful than all the other cars on the road. It’s not surprising that some of the most popular cars amongst men, such as the Ferrari 458 or the BMW Coupe, showcase some of the fanciest wheels and most impressive bodywork money can buy.

Safety - size is important, but a real masculine car should keep its passengers safe through high quality belts, airbags and frame. Modern cars boast some incredible safety elements, and these days it’s far cooler to be stickler for security than a reckless rebel.

Gadgets - a guys car is filled with the latest gadgets - whether it’s fancy sat-navs, cameras for reversing, or a retractable roof. Nothing says debonair better than a convertible on a sunny day.

Noticeable names - another popular aspect for masculinity in driving is getting noticed, and Lamborgini, Porsche and Jaguar remain desirable names.

Rules for the feminine four-wheeler

Dainty - as the fairer sex, feminine cars are, rather unsurprisingly, on the smaller size. In recent years the most popular car manufacturers among women have consisted of Mini, Nissan and Kia, who all demonstrate an impressive range of compact cars. Safety - on the other hand however, many women feel safer in larger vehicles such as Land Rovers and people carriers - cars that are more easily seen on the road and can provide a far more guaranteed protection to young children.

Attention to detail - the detail is the feminine gadget. Feminine cars often ensure that the seats are warm, the music of a high quality and that there’s plenty of pocket space.

Good looks – girl’s cars are often pretty and well-maintained. A few years ago, Volkswagen unleashed their newly designed Beetle, complete with dashboard flower vase.  They swiftly became a hit with women and were dubbed a ‘girly’ to drive - never a bad thing when ‘girly’ simply means attractive and affordable.

It’s not a ridiculous concept; there are particular qualities of cars that denote gender, and therefore appeal to a certain sex. This is often utilised in advertising, with marketing agents latching onto gender stereotypes to appeal to a particular audience. This is also often reflected in the adverts; slick jaguars (the kind with teeth) prowling around the vehicle or big family friendly cars with smiling mothers. So, next time you spot a car advert or notice a car in the street, have a look and see if you see a Sam or a Samantha passing by.

Lifestyle and Celebrity News  14/03/2014 09:46:41

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