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What to do When you Lose Your Auto Warrant Contract

What to do When you Lose Your Auto Warrant Contract Image

From time to time, something may happen to your copy of the auto warranty contract on your car or truck.  The copy may be damaged somehow, or even lost through some chain of events.  Fortunately, there are ways to secure a new copy of that contract, so there is always the opportunity to consult the document and see if a particular event is covered.

If you purchased the car at a local dealership, contact the dealer and see what can be done.  Many will be able to access your client information and readily identify the auto warranty plan you purchased along with the car.  In some cases, a copy can be printed immediately and either mailed by post or held for you to pick up at a convenient time.

When the auto warranty was purchased through an independent agency, there is also a good chance they can provide you with a replacement copy in a very short period of time.  Contact the agency and determine what options are available in terms of picking up the copy or having it sent by post.

Today, there is often the chance of obtaining a copy of your auto warranty electronically.  For example, the provider may be able to prepare the document as an attachment and send it via email.  If this option is available, choose it immediately.  Upon receipt, you can save the electronic document on your hard drive or on some storage device, then print out one or more copies.  Should those eventually become lost or destroyed, simply print another copy.       

published: 25/08/2011 14:00:00

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