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What to do When Your Car Warranty Expires

What to do When Your Car Warranty Expires Image

Once your Car Warranty finally runs its course, many car owners think that is the end of the line. In some cases, that is not true. There are a number of companies who are willing to provide warranty plans for customers with older vehicles, assuming those vehicles meet the standards necessary for the cover. Assuming your car does meet those qualifications, it is possible to enjoy at least some warranty cover for a few more years.

These independent car warranty plans often require that the amount of mileage on the engine is under a certain amount, and that the car meets certain safety requirements. This means that an old banger that has been run ragged and not taken proper care of is not likely be eligible for this type of warranty coverage. At the same time, an older car that has been maintained properly, has no more than an equitable amount of wear and tear on the engine and other components, and meets local safety standards will most certainly make the grade.

In order to find out if your vehicle can be covered under this type of car warranty, spend some time investigating different providers. Make a note of what they require in order to extend the coverage, and make sure your vehicle meets those standards. Also take the time to look into the actual scope of benefits and the cost associated with different warranty plans. Both the range of benefits and the price associated with these independent plans can vary greatly, making it worth your while to do some comparison shopping before making a commitment.

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