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When To Get a Vehicle HPI Check

How well do you know your car? Do you know its history enough to be confident when selling it, that you aren’t misleading anyone? What about when you buy a new car? Are all the details being listed true? Or are you in for a nasty surprise?

Whether you are about to sell your car or buy a new one, it might well be worth conducting a vehicle HPI check.

Not only will it give you peace of mind, but you can also be sure that you are avoiding a potentially costly problem.

What is a vehicle HPI check?

A vehicle HPI check is a search conducted against a car’s history to examine a wide variety of different factors that affect the vehicle. Many of these factors could affect a person’s decision to buy a car and can reveal items hidden by an unscrupulous seller.

What’s covered in the check?

The vehicle HPI check looks at whether the car has been reported stolen or not. It will check police databases and will flag if the car is currently on the police register. A dodgy second-hand dealer might be trying to make a quick sale for cash, so won’t reveal the car’s shady history.

The check will also let you know if the car is currently on finance. The way a finance package works means that the finance provider owns the car until the end of the agreement.

So, if you buy a car that is currently being paid off, you might end up losing the car.

Mileage is also checked, with the search revealing all the different mileage totals from the car’s past MOTs.

This is especially relevant if the car has exceeded 100,000 miles, and so the accurate reading is not readily apparent on the car’s dashboard.

The check will also tell you if the car has been written off at all. If a car has been declared a total loss, you won’t be able to drive it on the road until it’s completed a DVLA approved inspection, an expense that you might not want to cover.

But most importantly, the check will tell you if the car is what it says it is. It will let you know if the number plate has been changed, meaning; 1) you can get a far more accurate valuation, and 2) check the vehicle’s VIN to make sure what you see is what you get!

So should you get a vehicle HPI check?

If you are buying a car, its an absolute must to get a vehicle HPI check before you buy. Some finance providers, for example Creditplus, will include a HPI check as part of the sale, but you should not rely on the vendor to reveal all the details that are important to you.

A vehicle HPI check is relatively inexpensive and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Car Buying Tips  04/09/2019 09:32:10

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