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Where is the worst traffic in the world


Regardless of what you drive, there is nothing worse than being able to see nothing but the rear of the car in front of you, moving just centimetres at a time and feeling gradually more claustrophobic. We’ve all been there, and no doubt we’ll all experience that feeling many times again. But where exactly is the worst traffic in the world? Well, we think the below is a pretty good selection of traffic heavy places – but some of them may surprise you.

Los Angeles

This one is one of the most obvious entries on the list. Picture LA and you either think of Hollywood, or a highway with five lanes rammed with traffic and bathed in sun. Fancy driving there? I know I don’t.


Believe it or not, Brussels is the most congested city in the world according to INRIX, who produce a traffic scorecard. We’ve no idea why, but we’ve instructed Poirot to look into it.


Moscow’s traffic is notorious, with three hour commutes to work the norm. You may think it’s because of bad weather, but the queues are a constant, all year round.


The population of Lagos is booming, and quite frankly the infrastructure can’t cope. The traffic isn’t as bad here as other places – but driving in Lagos is a scary experience as drivers insist on travelling as closely to the vehicle in front of them as possible, giving the impressing of heavy traffic.


Paris is famous for many things: love, food and wine. Oh, and impatient drivers. The honking horns on the cobbled streets are infamous, partly due to Parisians ignoring box junctions and other road markings. Rush hour in Paris is not an experience anyone wants to come across.


Chinese cities, and Beijing in particular, are known for pollution, and the sheer volume of traffic is part of the cause. Traffic police position themselves at junctions every single day, facemask safely in place, to guide the locals safely on their way. The city used to be known for cycling, but that is no longer true – the car is the king.

The M25

I’m writing this from London, so how could I ignore our beloved M25? The road that doesn’t lead anywhere, but instead circles a city, offering drivers with little other choice the chance to sit in intimacy with one another for hours at a time. My mother used to describe it as hell on earth, and while it’s obviously bad at its worst, I think it’s harsh to compare it with other locations on the list.

Have you visited a city with traffic so bad it was its most memorable feature lately? Let us know in the comments below.

Driving Tips  14/02/2014 11:07:24

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