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Where To Buy Used Car Warranty Plans

Where To Buy Used Car Warranty Plans Image

Used Car Warranty plans are a very good idea if you want to maximise your protection against any major repairs to your vehicle that might be required.  While some used car dealers will offer limited warranties on the cars they sell, it may be up to you to buy a used car warranty on your own. Here are a couple of suggestions on where to look.

Check with used car dealers in the area.  They may already be aware of providers operating in the local area that offer used car warranty plans for vehicles.  You may also get some basic information about some of the plans, including their specifications in terms of the make and models they will cover, and any conditions that may apply, such as the age and current mileage. This allows you to begin the process of contacting each one to see if your vehicle qualifies, the scope of the coverage, and the costs associated with the warranty plans.

If nothing in the local area catches your eye, there is always the internet.  A simple online search will help you identify providers of used car warranty plans that are right for your situation.  This approach allows you to make some comparisons before talking to customer service representatives, making it possible to weed out plans that don´t offer the benefits you have in mind.  Once you´ve identified a few likely candidates, use the internet to find out about each one of them in terms of reputation and customer service.  Doing so will increase the chances of signing with the right provider and having the right coverage at a decent price.

Author - Michael Barclay

Used Car Warranty  01/02/2011 11:00:01

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