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Which Car Parts Will Need Replacing First

The wisdom of Motor Warranty was highlighted in a recent newspaper report that published a survey listing the car parts most likely to need replacing first. At the top of the list is suspension arms, which cost on average £230 to replace. This is closely followed by ball joints, at an average replacement cost of £223, which is followed by the steering rack at £377 and the turbochargers at £794.

Water pumps, fuel pumps injectors, gearboxes and flywheels are all on the list of car parts that are most likely to need replacing. The study advises motorist who have some form of motor warranty to check through it carefully, particularly for those who have bought new cars, as it may include a clause that reduces the level of cover over time as the car ages, to allow for wear and tear. Some Motor Warranties are designed to provide extra cover for wear, but this is not standard and you should be sure that your motor warranty gives the cover that you need.

If it does not, and your car has covered more than a few miles, then you may find that you are expected to pay for replacement parts yourself, even if you do have some form of motor warranty, which could see yourself out of pocket.

A comprehensive motor warranty will cover all of the parts mentioned in this article and many more including electrical issues.

published: 22/11/2010 12:46:37

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