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Which Nation Builds the Most Reliable Cars

If you were to ask the general public which country manufactures the most reliable cars, it is likely you will be receive many conflicting opinions. All too often many will parrot other peoples’ opinions or the general consensus without having the experience themselves. This can be quite dangerous as we can gradually slide from the whole truth. On top of that there have been many clever marketing campaigns that will have us believe one country is superior to another for cars.

The current most common misconception is that Germany is always the country you should turn to for quality engineering and well-built cars. The brands BMW and Audi are often thrown around as being a little pricier but a worthy investment. Many will claim they are simply more solidly built and as a result will see you for miles. However, upon finer inspection it seems many of us have had the wool pulled right over our eyes. Recent Reliability Index data has been compiled using several factors such as frequency of repairs, cost and time taken for completing the work. Let’s just say that the Germans are certainly not topping the charts, as we have been lead to believe.

The Least Reliable Cars

The results are in and it’s going to be hard hitting for the German car fans among us. As we descend the Top 10 scale, we find many of the most popular German brands. Sat at the top as the least reliable, we have MG Rover. Production for this manufacturer has now actually ceased, which tells us all we need to know. So that leaves us with Audi and a worrying statistic of 1 engine failure for each 27 cars within the survey. The popular French brands Peugeot and Renault are also included within the top 10. French cuisine is wonderful but not their cars reliability it would seem.

No. 1 - MG
No. 2 - Audi
No. 3 - Mini
No. 4 - Saab
No. 5 - Opel
No. 6 - Peugeot
No. 7 - BMW
No. 8 - Renault
No. 9 - Volkswagen
No. 10 - Mitsubishi

The Most Reliable Cars

Now to take a look at the current Top 10 most dependable manufacturers according to Reliability Index data. Japan undeniably takes the crown for their reliable motors from Honda and Toyota. Another surprise as more myths are debunked with Fiat and Ford sitting proudly in the top 10. The Germans have redeemed themselves slightly with Mercedes, which are proving to be quite reliable at the moment. All those jokes about Italian cars being unreliable fall flat on their face as Fiat triumphs, making it into the top 10.

No. 1 - Honda
No. 2 - Toyota
No. 3 - Mercedes-Benz
No. 4 - Volvo
No. 5 - Jaguar
No. 6 - Lexus
No. 7- Fiat
No. 8 - Ford
No. 9 - Nissan
No. 10 - Land Rover

So the next time you get into a heated debate with Audi or BMW owners touting that their cars are the highest quality and most reliable you can refer back to these results. Or alternatively, display a knowing smile as you realise they bought into the hype instead of doing their own research!

Car Buying Tips  10/02/2015 09:06:26

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