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Who offers the best car warranty

The decision to buy a new car is usually based upon wanting something more modern and reliable. Newer cars should be far less likely to suffer from mechanical woes, additionally most faults will be covered as part of the manufacturer’s Car Warranty. Sadly, it’s not always quite as simple as that. Car manufacturers often make big promises using warranties, but it is not wise to assume every company’s warranty is created equal. The small print is regularly overlooked which leads to a misunderstanding of conditions in which a car is covered or not covered.

For example, take the car manufacturer Kia. Their new car warranty guarantees their cars for an impressive seven years or 100,000 miles. It simply sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? On closer examination of their terms it becomes apparent their warranty merely covers paint defects over five years. In addition, the car’s audio system is guaranteed for three years. The bonus breakdown cover they have thrown in is only valid for the first year. 

Now to take a look at their sister firm Hyundai. It doesn’t boast quite such an outlandish warranty promise but still offers a five-year warranty. With Hyundai your audio system is covered for a longer five years. They have also been very generous and thrown in five years of breakdown cover. Many components are covered for the first two years including brakes, clutches and batteries. Even the suspension bushes are covered for five years, how kind. This is quite a contrast to Kia which doesn’t cover brakes or clutches, leaving many components to the dealership’s discretion.

The two Japanese giants, Toyota and Subaru, both offer their own five-year warranties. Worth noting is the fact that the paintwork is only covered for the first three of those years.

Renault has become very reputable for building small French hot hatches. They provide buyers with a four-year warranty for their cars which also includes audio system and breakdown cover for the entire duration. Again, as per Toyota and Subaru, the paint work is only covered for the first 3 of those years.

Vauxhall have sought to trump all their competitors by offering an unbelievable lifetime warranty. How can we resist raising an eyebrow to this? Upon closer inspection it becomes clear this is restricted to 100,000 miles only. To make a rough estimate it may be around 8 years before you would reach this. Their paintwork is guaranteed for merely a single year and anti-perforation is cut off at six years, falling far short of the industry standard of 12 years.

It may still seem that the guarantee offered by Vauxhall stands the highest amongst many of the other warranties offered. However, you may be less than impressed when you learn their warranties are not transferable. Usually it would be rightly assumed that when you buy a recent used car the warranty would be transferred to you. With Vauxhall this is not the case, unless the car has travelled less than 500 miles total or the used car is less than 12 months of age. Furthermore you must purchase through the Network Q scheme. 

Many experts in the industry have questioned the true value of manufacturer’s warranties when buying a car, especially since they all seem to vary so greatly from each other. Although it may not add a huge amount of actual value to the car it will still be more appealing to buyers when compared to other cars which do not.

The best option, if you are still keen to protect yourself from future mechanical disasters, is take out your own used car warranty. GO Car Warranty promises to provide incredible value and protection on all policies. With adjustable levels of cover available for most vehicles you can sleep easy without great hurt to your pocket. 

Car Warranty  16/09/2014 10:06:15

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