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Why a More Expensive Car Warranty may be Your Best Deal

Why a More Expensive Car Warranty may be Your Best Deal Image

When evaluating Car Warranty options, some consumers find themselves immediately discouraged by the costs associated with an extended car warranty plan.  While it is true that a basic car warranty is fine in many cases, there are, in fact, times when going for the more expensive warranty plan will save money in the years to come. 

Before turning away from the more expensive car warranty options, take some time and read through the provisions of the plans.  Depending on how much you rely on your vehicle for daily use, such as a long commute to and from work, or as a reliable means to travel from a rural area to an urban one, you may find that the provisions in the more expensive plans are actually to your advantage.  Often, the out-of-pocket costs associated with certain events are actually lower when and as those events occur, versus the cover provided in a basic warranty.

Take the time to compare each benefit found in the more costly car warranty with a basic plan that may be offered for considerably less.  Identify which benefits are found in both plans and the difference, if any, that would be incurred if covered events were to take place.  Also note the benefits found in the more comprehensive plans that are not found in the basic one, and determine how you would handle those events if they were to occur.  Unless you have a significant pool of resources to draw upon, the chances are that going with the car warranty that costs a little more but offers considerably more cover will be the smartest move.       

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