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Why an Auto Warranty on a Used Car is a Good Idea

Why an Auto Warranty on a Used Car is a Good Idea Image

When the typical consumer thinks in terms of obtaining an auto warranty, doing so is normally associated with a new car.  While it is true that not every dealer extends warranties on used cars, the practice is becoming more common.  In fact, some dealers will make it a point to advertise the fact that their used cars are eligible for warranty cover.

There are compelling reasons why an auto warranty is a good idea, even if you are purchasing a used car.  Warranty plans help to provide protection from events that could seriously hamper the function of the car, through no fault of the car owner.  This can be especially helpful for consumers who are on tight budgets, and cannot bear the expense of some major work on an engine or transmission.  While it is true that the warranty does carry a cost, this investment is often small when compared to the benefits found in the terms of the auto warranty.

Even with used cars, there is a good chance that the dealer will offer more than one auto warranty plan.  A basic plan may be sufficient in some cases, and also very easy to fit into the household budget.  For those who want additional cover, looking into an extended plan may be a good idea.  Before making a final decision, compare the terms of all auto warranty plans available to you, weigh the benefits against the cost, then make your choice.  All it takes is one covered event to make that cost worth it.      

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