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Why buy a Car Warranty on a Used Car

Why buy a Car Warranty on a Used Car Image

Just because that newly acquired automobile is not fresh off the manufacture's assembly line, does not mean that obtaining a Car Warranty on your used car is not a good idea.  In fact, you do want to secure a warranty for many of the same reasons as having a warranty on a new vehicle.  In the end, the purpose is the same; to provide you with benefits that help to manage costs that occur through no fault of your own.

A good quality used car warranty will protect you in the event that some system or component in the car fails due to a defect in the components that are not related to what is considered standard and reasonable use of the car.  This means that if some aspect of the braking system should be found wanting due to the design or quality of a component, you are not left with the task of paying for the replacement.  There is also a good chance that the warranty terms will include some price breaks on regular maintenance costs, allowing you to save a little money even as you keep the vehicle in good operating condition.

Before you reject out of hand the chance to secure a car warranty on your used car, weigh up the consequences of skipping the coverage with the costs you will actually incur with a warranty in place.  In most cases, you will find that it simply makes sense to secure the coverage for as long as your vehicle qualifies.  If the dealer where your car was purchased does not offer warranty plans, check with independent providers on the scope of benefits you can enjoy.  Taking the time to do so could save a lot of money down the road.   

Michael Barclay

Motor Warranty  01/07/2011 14:00:00

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