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Why is car styling important

It’s been said that in your lifetime you will drive to the moon and back three times. So, let’s face it, you’re going to want to do the journey in style. Motor design has changed over the past years and car manufacturing has become a global market, the need for style to accompany substance has also taken a leap. Rugged off-road looks or a suave curvy figure? What was once an engineering marvel because of the intricate components that made it move along the road is now often judged firstly on its looks.

What is it that makes the Ford Fiesta an ‘attractive’ car and the Pontiac Aztek an ‘unattractive’ car, when they both get the job done?

The Pontiac Aztek

To know great styling is to know bad styling, and you can’t talk about bad design without mentioning Pontiac’s Aztek - a car which thankfully has never graced our shores.

Many car enthusiasts have expressed opinions on the USA’s Pontiac Aztek as one of the ugliest cars in existence. Despite the fame it found as Walter White’s car in AMC’s globally popular Breaking Bad, the ‘underachieving crossover’ is riddled with design flaws and criticisms. From the multiple nostrils to the awkward stance on the road. Pontiac initially aimed the car at the young adventurous types but, through executive meddling it ended up being a disaster.

Swathes of plastic lining every panel, a face of a spider in pain and a side profile which looks like a 5-year-old’s imagining of what a car should look like all came together to create the perfect storm of bad design ideas.

The Aztek was actually a pretty good car though - making this misstep all the more unbearable.

The Ford Fiesta

Across this side of the pond, the Ford Fiesta is the most popular car in the UK and it’s easy to see why - it’s not just comfort and reliability that makes it a winner.

The Fiesta’s sweeping curves and confident lines create a feeling that it was designed with purpose. Everything from the sculpted face to the quality of the steering wheel is designed to make its owner feel at home.

The styling exudes class, with a form and purpose to every fold and line on the car. The manufacturer has also introduced an Aston Martin-inspired grille to the front of the car - a touch being rolled out onto the whole Ford product line as part of the new overall design language.

This is probably the defining factor of what makes the difference between a car being attractive or ugly. Ford, among many other manufacturers, have a clear vision for their cars as well as a design language which creates trust in the brand. This, combined with competitive pricing and affordable and easy repairs, has made the Fiesta the world-beating car it is today.

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Offbeat  01/10/2014 15:56:37

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