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Why is Car Warranty so Important

More car manufacturers are offering longer deals on their Car Warranty. This is good news for the consumer but why is a car warranty so important? Well, car warranty gives peace of mind to the car owner that if anything goes wrong with their car the manufacturer will fix it. New cars usually come with 3 years warranty as standard, although many are now starting to stretch this to 5 years. Used cars are also supplied with warranty depending on the make, model an age of the car; this warranty can be anything from 1 month to 6 months. Most used car dealers offer warranty for 3 months.

So is it worth getting an extended warranty policy for a used car? The simple answer is yes. GoCar Warranty offers some of the cheapest extended warranty policies around, with prices starting from just £99.00. If you compare the cost of the warranty to the cost of car repairs you will see it makes perfect sense to have an extended warranty policy. Car repairs can total hundreds of pounds over the year; most of these costs will be covered under the policy and so will cost you no extra money.

Even new cars can benefit from an extended warranty policy. After the manufacturer’s warranty has run out being covered for a few more years is sensible. If you extended you policy you have the added peace of mind that at least for the next few years you have no repairs to worry about.

Car Warranty Motor Warranty  19/11/2010 10:58:08

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