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Why it Pays to Shop for a Used Car Warranty

Why it Pays to Shop for a Used Car Warranty Image

It is not unusual for people buying used cars to not think twice about used Car Warranty.  Assuming the dealer offers one, consumers are apt to simply accept the warranty and never take the time to compare the plan with other options.  This can lead to situations that leave the owner with a significant amount of expense later on, when they find that the warranty does not cover everything they assumed it would.

To prevent this series of events, never make assumptions about what a used car warranty will and will not cover.  If something within the warranty document is somewhat vague, ask for clarification from the issuer, and get the clarification in writing.  This is the only way to be sure there are no miscommunications about what the warranty will and will not cover, and what circumstances must take place in order for the warranty to remain valid.

Make it a point to compare the benefits of one used car warranty with other warranty options.  In some cases, a different warranty plan will not be available, even when the consumer is willing to pay a little extra for the extended coverage.  When that is the case, looking into other options to manage costs not covered by the used car warranty is a must, even if is it nothing more than opening an interest bearing account that allows access to the funds when and as needed.  Failing to do so means a great deal of out of pocket expense should something that is not covered, occur.

Author - Michael Barclay


Used Car Warranty  12/01/2011 14:00:00

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