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Why November is a great time to buy a car

Knowing when the best time to buy a new car can be difficult. With so many different sales and seasons, you might be concerned that you’ll miss out on a great deal that you would have found just a month earlier or later. So what about November?

You might be surprised to learn that the eleventh month of the year can be a great time to get hold of a new car. Here’s why.

Plenty of choice

If you are buying a used car, then November is a month with plenty to choose from. The new registration number that started in September will have meant a rush of new cars being purchased in September and October. A lot of these new cars will have had their purchase partly-funded through a trade-in.

November will see a lot of those cars now processed and ready for purchase. Dealers may be keen to clear space on their forecourt, so the chances are you can get a good price.

Last chance to buy before Christmas

Car dealers will be well-aware of the financial strain that Christmas can put on a household. So the deals they have on offer may be better than usual in an attempt to make a few sales before the festive season hits us.

Have a shop around and look at the different dealers in your area and see if they have any special deals on offer. And make sure to check around the fourth Friday of the month because …

Black Friday sales

Becoming increasingly popular in the UK, Black Friday is where companies across the country offer heavy discounts. It comes from the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, traditionally a bank holiday. You may have seen videos of shoppers going crazy in stores.

This year, keep an eye on your local car dealers and see what they have in store. You might be able to secure a fantastic Black Friday deal.

Car Buying Tips  02/11/2018 16:14:10

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