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Why servicing your vehicle is important

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Whether youíre the type of person who treats your car as a member of the family and as on a par with each of your children, or whether you despise your car and everything it stands for, itís essential to maintain your car to a high standard for a number of reasons.

Regardless of whether you drive for pleasure or simply to get from A to B, the chances are that youíd be pretty lost without your car. Youíll have been told over the years by the media, by friends, by mechanics and probably by your family that itís essential to keep your vehicleís service history up to date.

But why exactly?


Cars are complex machines and unfortunately the vast amount of repair work on cars has to be done by specialists. Youíll have no doubt have seen countless television shows, fiction or real life, which involve horrific car accidents and while most of these have been caused by high speed chases, the simple fact is that if you donít get your car serviced regularly youíre more likely to be involved in an accident or to have a breakdown.

If youíre lucky enough not to have experienced it, let me tell you now, thereís nothing more frustrating than sitting at the side of the road, waiting for the RAC or the AA and watching everyone else drive happily along towards their destination.

Odd jobs

By having your vehicle fully serviced on a regular basis, youíll be able to have little things fixed as and when. In other words, small issues can be picked up before itís too late. And when itís too late, itís too late.


Of course, knowing that youíre driving in a safe and well maintained vehicle should be reason enough for you to naÔve and short sighted to think that youíll save money by not having your vehicle serviced on a regular basis Ė and conversely, you could work out spending more through emergency repairs, hire cars and even hotel costs.

Driving a well serviced car will allow you to plan your car-related expenditure better and will also give you greater fuel economy. Even a simple job such as pumping up your car tyres, which most mechanics do as a matter of course whether your carís in the garage for a full service or a specific job, will save you money on petrol.


It is, of course, a legal requirement for cars of a certain age to have an MOT every year. When you go to pick up your car (from a mechanic you trust and who has been personally recommended to you, preferably) take heed of their advice. If they tell you something needs looking at, get it looked at.

Resale value

By this point in the article you should appreciate that itís pretty foolish not to have your car serviced by a professional mechanic on a regular basis. But if you still think paying for regular servicing is a mugís game, then consider what youíll do when the time comes that you want to sell or trade in your car.

Dealerships will expect you to have an up to date service history and if you donít, theyíll give you a lot less money for the vehicle. Would you buy a car that didnít have any service history? No. So donít sell one without one, either.

Car Care Tips  17/09/2013 14:00:00

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