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Why Used Car Warranties Are A Good Idea

Why Used Car Warranties Are A Good Idea Image

Consumers tend to expect a warranty with a new car, but are sometimes sceptical when it comes to used Car Warranties.  After all, the very nature of a used car is that nothing is new and it probably has at least some wear and tear.  So how much good would a warranty on a used car be anyway?  In fact, that warranty could be very helpful.

While used car warranties may or may not be as comprehensive as new car warranties, they do still provide a good deal of protection from a number of possible ills with engines, gearboxes and other major systems found in all vehicles.  The duration for a warranty on a used car may not be as long as a new vehicle, but the coverage does at least help maximise the chances of getting enough use from the car to justify the purchase.  Some consumers actually find that thanks to the presence of the warranty, it is possible to obtain replacement parts early in the ownership period, effectively preparing the car for active use many years after the used car loan is retired and that warranty has expired.

Take the time to ask about used car warranties before agreeing to buy any used car.  Depending on the condition of the vehicle, you may even qualify for cover that is beyond the basic dealer warranty, either in terms of duration or the types of repairs covered.  Make it a point to compare the terms of both the basic and the extended plans and choose the option that is right for you.

Author - Michael Barclay

Used Car Warranty  25/01/2011 11:00:01

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